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Enneagram & Coffee

Sep 19, 2019

Today's episode starts a new series we're calling Behind the Curtain - a sneak peek into the ins and outs of Enneagram and Coffee.

In this episode, Sarajane starts from the very beginning and tells the story of how Enneagram and Coffee came about. She then shares the really hard and the really beautiful parts of...

Sep 12, 2019

If you’re an entrepreneur you’re likely aware that content creation has just become part of the gig. Unfortunately, the approach to creating content is often one size fits all. 

But it doesn’t have to be. 

In today’s episode, Sarajane goes through each of the enneagram types and shares some things that may...

Sep 5, 2019

Each enneagram number has a level of health gauge. This gauge helps explain how your type may show up at your healthiest and lowest levels of health.

In this episode, Sarajane shares why she doesn't find it helpful to call others (or ourselves) unhealthy, that the level of health we're operating from is a choice, and...

Aug 29, 2019

The moment we think we have the answers is the moment we've lost the answers.

In today's conversational episode, Sarajane gives us several reasons why we don't type other people and how much good there is to be found in allowing ourselves and others to explore the enneagram personally.

She shares with us her biggest pet...

Aug 22, 2019

In this episode Sarajane is breaking down Type 2 - the helper. Type 2s are often the people who have made you feel the most loved in your life, but also struggle with resentment.

Sarajane discusses the type 2's motivation, fear, and worldview. She shares the common behaviors that show up when they're stressed and when...