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Enneagram & Coffee

Jul 4, 2019

Sarajane breaks down the similarities and differences between type 2 and type 9 on the enneagram. 


Interviews with: 

Bonnie -

Eric -

Jun 27, 2019

This begins our series of breaking down each enneagram type individually. This episode is focused on type one - the perfectionist. 


Jun 20, 2019

Sarajane walks through her process of working with the enneagram for personal growth. 

Jun 10, 2019

In today's episode Sarajane talks through why you should be identifying more with your subtype than your wing. 



Mar 13, 2019

Welcome to enneagram & coffee - the podcast! I’m your host Sarajane Case and I’m so excited to have coffee with you today! 


In today’s episode I wanted to answer my most asked question - how do I figure out my enneagram type? 

I’m excited to break this down with you because I have seen a lot of confusion...